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Why should anyone forward the information about Police Chief Danny Macagni's racial slurs to KCOY or KSBY ????

After the news hit at the 'Sun' newspaper, surely journalists worth their salt would have been all over the story. They would have been interviewing police officers, getting 'man on the street' opinions, attempting to get an interview with the accused Police Chief Danny Macagni -- you know, all the things that legitimate, investigative journalists do.

Oh, but I forgot -- we're talking about the 'Santa Maria Times'. My insiders tell me that the Police Officers' Association went to the 'Santa Maria Times' first with their story. When they were stonewalled, they went to our wonderful independent newspaper, the 'SUN'.

My insiders also tell me that 'Santa Maria Times' reporters are told who they can and can't talk with and what stories they can and can't print.

That's why blogs came into existence -- to go around the mainstream media that insists on spoonfeeding the public what it wants them to know -- and hiding what it doesn't want them to know.

One Tin Soldier


He should resign, what a joke, I can't believe the Santa Maria Times did not run this story. Most of the police officers I personally know here in Santa Maria are Hispanic too. Did anyone forward this info to KSBY or KCOY? No one wanted to run it?

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